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Re: home network with mac

On Sun Jun 02, 2002 at 01:55:13PM -0400, Jason Healy wrote:
> At 1023018658s since epoch (06/02/02 09:50:58 -0400 UTC), Richard Otte wrote:
> > At home my kid has a Mac running osx and we'd also have a switch.  We'd
> > like to connect it to my Debian machine  in such a way that we could
> > transfer files between the machines.
I just leave the ftp server always running on my OS X machine, and
connect using ncftp.
Works great, and very fast - transfers a 3.5 Mb mp3 in like 2 or 3

As far as printing, I have a question of my own:
Connected to the OS X machine is a Lexmark Z22, which has drivers for
Windoze, Mac Classic, and Mac OS X, but no Linux last time I checked.
Is there any hope of using it from the Linux box?



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