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Re: Debian take on UnitedLinux?

On Sat, Jun 01, 2002 at 01:16:21AM -0700, ben wrote:
> californian. i think that, in a previous post, where i used the phrase 
> 'dotcom okies,' i should have said dotcom migrants. perhaps i encouraged 
> interstate antipathy by that error. the point is that if i have a grievance 

No, it was mention of California.

> with anybody, it has to do with their behavior as an individual, regardless 
> of any collective association to which even they might willingly adhere.

I don't think Californianism is something that you willingly adhere to,
or they might more readily change and assimilate into the local crowd
overall a bit better.  It's more a blind adherance that makes them stick
out like tourists that forgot to leave.

About the only good thing I can say about summer is I'm less likely to
get poked in the eye by some tourist prick that doesn't realise it's
considered rude to carry an open umbrella in a crowd.  Get a raincoat
and a hat or wear wool, people!  Umbrellas are bloody rude to people who
have to stand near you, and are completely ineffective in even the
slightest wind.  Hint: If it's raining in Oregon, it's probably windy. 
<sarcasm>And when you realise this fact, be sure to throw your inside
out and twisted umbrella in the gutter.  The city crews love nothing
more than picking muddy, greasy trashed umbrellas out of drain grates
they inevitably get tangled in.


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