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ipchains or iptables? (was: X version)

On Fri, May 31, 2002 at 03:52:15PM -0700, Paul E Condon wrote:
> OK, so I'm really using kernel 2.2.19, but...
> I have been under the impression that the method of packet filtering/forwarding
> changed from something called 'ipchains' in 2.2 to something called 'iptables'
> in 2.4. I see that 'iptables' stuff has been added in various places to my
> file system, and 'ipchains' stuff seems to have been clobbered. I would like 
> not to become too involved in network admin, but to fix my system I need to 
> rebuild some stuff. How can I determine if I should follow recipes for 
> 'ipchains' or 'iptables' ? ( Or am I truly misinformed? )

version 2.4 kernels may support ipchains backwards-compatibility. you could
try running "ipchains -L"  and see if it works. (you can't use both iptables
and ipchains simultaneously, even with back-compat. enabled).

Hmm, I belive that ipchains should still be installable-- it's still in
unstable, and ipmasq will still use it if requested.

iptables is better though, gives you access to stateful filtering and is
more extensible. (I was able to fix some MTU breakage between here and work
with it).

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