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Re: Kills Linux hdd's?

On Fri, May 31, 2002 at 09:38:22PM -0500, Dale Hair wrote:

> I once had a power problem, called the power co. to tell them the
> transformer on the pole had a red light glowing, they told me that meant
> the transformer had a problem and they would send someone to look at it.
> Two years later I moved and the transformer still had that red light.

Actually, I think that's a "power" light.  I always see them glowing
when power is available, and never when it's not.  You got schwinged.[1]

> For those two years I had two cheap UPS that would beep at the same time
> several times a day.  So I say a power conditioner ahead of the UPS or
> built-in is the best.

Wow, remarkably craptastic power there...

[1] [Telephone tech support]  The sound a call makes after you've blown
off a customer you don't want to deal with or mislead an idiot for the
sake of the rest of humanity.  Compare plonk, see also permahold.


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