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Re: Kills Linux hdd's?

On Friday 31 May 2002 05:13 pm, Frank Brodbeck wrote:
> Hello Ben
> ben came to use his tongue on Fri, May 31, 2002 at 04:54:01PM -0700
> > hi frank, first off, you need new friends. second, either your
> > mail--dated dec 31, 1999--mysteriously took two and a half years to get
> > to the list or you need to replace that little lithium battery on the
> > motherboard. third, on
> Yup, I need at least more friends using linux. And the date crashed
> with my last hdd caused system freeze and I didn't realized it before
> sending two emails to debian-user. But the date has been restored.
> > the issue of your history of damaged hardware, given that so many
> > variations are involved, i'm wondering if the physical location of your
> > different systems has always been the same. is their anything close by
> > that gives off electromagnetic interference? is their a kid in the house
> > who might be sticking pennies in the cd slot? a crack in your favorite
> > coffee mug that
> Nope i changed rooms. The 40 GByte hdd has been 'infected' in my new
> room. Hm, Here are just my PC, monitor and my videorecorder. I dont't
> think to much interferences - the shortest distance from my other gadgets
> to the PC is about 30 cm. And no, there's no kid running around and my
> favourite coffe mug is leak-proof :)
> > sits on top of the box? as far as linux being responsible, i really can't
> > imagine how it could be.
> Hm, maybe I am just banished from my sanctuary? Argl, where are the
> Wizards when you need them? :)

yeah, even metaphysical police have the same habits.

are you buying all this equipment from the same vendor? maybe the drives are 
being stressed in some prior environment. even if different vendors are 
involved, they might use the same wholesale supplier.

what version(s) of linux are you using? the only other thing that i can think 
of--and this is really far-fetched--is that you've got some wildly mangled 
application going medieval on your drives. 

actually, one more thing comes to mind: the local power system and/or the 
power outlet your computer is attached to. is it possible that there are 
dramatic surges on the power line?

that's all i've got. it's certainly an unusual story. i'm intrigued. if you 
find out what's responsible, let me know.


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