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Re: Watch TV Card over remote X?

On Mon, May 27, 2002 at 05:17:13PM -0500, traxlend@cs.purdue.edu wrote:
> One thing I'm curious about though: Can you forward sound through an
> X session? I think W-----s XP can send the sound through their cheap-ass
> "new, incredible remote desktop," and I hate seeing them do something 
> we can't in an area where they're otherwise completely outclassed.

AFAIK, there are a number of different ways of doing this (all packaged
up for Debian, no less): 

* Network Audio System(NAS) is, IIRC, the Sun way of doing remote sound.
  Seems to be older than the others, never used it.  Enlightened Sound
* Daemon (ESD).  Fairly modern, well-supported by
  GNOME, and can work with most everything using esddsp.
* Artsd is the default sound daemon for KDE.  I think there's also a
  program analogous to esddsp for it.  I'm fairly sure it also supports
  network use.
* ASD I've never heard of before, but it claims to be working on a
  superset of esd's features, which presumably includes network support.

AFAIK, all these rely on you running a daemon on your X server (the box
in front of you), so they won't work with things like labtam's or
SunRays.  However, they certainly do sound like they can handle simple
sound-forwarding as well as WinXP does.  Of course, this being Debian,
the biggest issue will be deciding which one to use;)


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