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Re: OT: debian-beer (was Re: wrapping [was: Re: disable paragraphflows in mozilla?])

On Sun, 2002-05-26 at 21:42, Dale Hair wrote:
> > Actually, the USA was asked to help Australia in 1939. We had the crap 
> > bombed out of us. After Pearl Harbour the USA decided that Oz was a 
> > great place to base a lot of Operations.
> Most Americans tend to be isolationists and pacifists, it took Pearl
> Harbor to "awaken the sleeping giant".  It actually created a giant
> "superpower" as we like to refer to ourselves.  Then on Sept. 11 the
> giant awoke again.  If something like 1939 were to happen again, we will
> be there.

Nothing like militaristic Nazi Germany will happen again
while the US is the lone "hyperpower".

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