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Re: xemacs problems

Lo, on Thursday, May 23, Glen Lee Edwards did write:

> I installed xemacs 21 from Woody.  I run fvwm as my window manager.  I'm using
> the same configuration files as I did with Red Hat for both.  Xemacs is ignoring
> the font information I have in my configuration files, and when it loads in
> fvwm, instead of staying on desktop 0,0, it spreads out well beyond desktop 0,0
> and into the other 3.  Since I haven't had this trouble with xemacs at any other
> time, I though I'd ask here in case Debian has done some tweaking to it.

How are you setting the fonts?  .emacs config options, or X resource
entries?  If it's not too long, could you post the settings?

I had some unusual font behavior when I recently upgraded to woody, but
it's more related to how XEmacs generates the default italic font: since
my normal font doesn't have an italic variant, XEmacs goes down two
sizes to find one that does and scales up---looks really bad.


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