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Re: OT: debian-beer (was Re: wrapping [was: Re: disable paragraphflows in mozilla?])

On Thu, 2002-05-23 at 13:06, Rich Puhek wrote:
> Gary Turner wrote:
> > 
> > German imports to the US are good to very good for the most part.
> > Haven't found an outstanding brew (yet).
> German beer doesn't really count if it leaves the country. Gotta try one
> of the local brews, non-pasteurized, local flavor. Very good stuff.

Czech beers are tops.  Staropraman 12 is the uber-beer.  Too
bad it's not available stateside.  The pasteurization and
travel across the pond in big, hot cargo ships would probably
kill the taste...

> > Sam Adams Boston Lager is my favorite for day to day sipping.
> Sam Adams has some good stuff. Leinenkeugel (sp?) from Wisconsin is
> pretty good too.
> Beer trivia: According to a rumor I once heard (so I have no idea of the
> truth to it) Rice-based beers like Budweiser do not naturally produce
> any head, so soap is added to produce the familiar bubbles.

All of the big (and even small, like Sam Adams), inject CO2
to enhance the head.  That's according to a Sam Adams represen-
tative on History Channel's History Alive show.

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