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Re: Burning an jigdo ISO

I would love to know just what I am supposed to do.

Oh, so read what they're good for, you say.  OK.
So, I go to the CD FAQ. And what do I find:

"The packages on the CDs are sorted by popularity: CD 1 contains the installation system and the most popular packages. CD 2 contains slightly less popular ones, CD 3 even less popular ones, etc. You will probably not need CD 3 and higher unless you have very special requirements. (And in case you happen to need a package later on which is not on one of the CDs you downloaded, you can always install that package directly from the Internet.)"

Wow! That's informative.

So, I used Jigdo and I got 3 files. Are you saying each is for a separate CD? I see nothing on the FAQ about what the **** I'm supposed to do with these images and how to install. I've installed 2.2.x millions of times off a single CD someone made for me. He knew how, I don't. So, maybe you could be be a little more informative??????


Eduard Bloch wrote:

#include <hallo.h>
curtis wrote on Wed May 22, 2002 um 11:35:17AM:

in the appropriate directory. I permit the installation program to search for the directory itself. It looks for the following: "images-1.44/rescue.bin "
And then comes back that it can't find "rescue.bin, drivers.tgz"

Without the kernel I can't do anything, right?


The THIRD CD is NOT meant for a standalone installation. It does
contain drivers, basedebs, or any other parts needed for the
installation, only one boot block to boot with BIOSes that cannot boot
from the first CD (multiboot).


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