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Re: [OT] UPS signaling cable

* Karsten M. Self (kmself@ix.netcom.com) wrote:
> on Sat, May 18, 2002, Cam Ellison (camellison@dccnet.com) wrote:
> > I have an APC Back-UPS 650 Pro.  Works like a charm.  I don't use the
> > Linux driver that is supplied, because apcupsd works better.  Gives
> > you more information than you probably want to know.  I get in excess
> Please use postfix quoting format:  your reply goes below the material
> cited.  Trim your quotes appropriately and ensure your attributions are
> accurate.
> Thank you.
Sorry -- I used to always put my responses below, and then got
criticized for it.  Can't win, I guess.  ;-)

> Is that the USB with the USB or the serial cable?  I've got a recent APC
> UPS 650 with a USB signal cable, and apcupsd fails at start saying it
> can't communicate over the (non-existent) serial cable.
Serial cable.  I would assume that APC's own software would handle the
USB.  I don't remember now why I didn't use APC's, but my vague
recollection was that apcupsd just did it all better.  I notice that
apcupsd.conf refers only to serial ports.  Maybe contact with Riccardo
Facchetti (riccardo@master.oasi.gpa.ti) would be a good idea?


Cam Ellison Ph.D. R.Psych.
From Roberts Creek on B.C.'s incomparable Sunshine Coast

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