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Re: Debian on an old system

On Sun, 2002-05-19 at 00:01, Alex Malinovich wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who's already responded. Rather than quote 5
> differenet messages, I'll just spit out the questions here.
> While a GUI would be nice in terms of ease of use, the primary use is
> going to be in a muffler shop, so a mouse wouldn't survive long anyway.
> That leaves me with ncurses and from what I've read on here so far, it
> sounds like that should run ok, even on the 486 with 8 megs of RAM.
> The remaining question is what can I do in terms of data storage/access.
> MySQL would be easy enough to work with, but what about performance? Can
> the systems handle MySQL? Unfortunately, my data storage experience is
> limited so I'm looking at either a premade solution (e.g. MySQL) or a
> flat file.

I'd try MySQL, but expect to have to use db3, which is more low-
level API.

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