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Re: Debian on an old system

I had Slackware installed on a 486/100 box running as a web server for a while. I think it had 16 MB of ram. It worked OK.

I could run X on it, but the GUI wasn't terribly responsive.

For comparison, at Geonex Verde we wrote a bunch of curses applications on Sun 3/160's that were 16 MHz 68020's with 4 MB of RAM apiece, one a server and the other a diskless client. It worked pretty well. We were doing image processing using these frame grabber cards (we didn't have the Sun graphics monitor, just a regular TV video display hooked to the frame grabber and a serial terminal).

I think you'll be fine. It would be greatly to your benefit to build a custom kernel that has only the features you need, and whose build options are optimized to the kind of processor you are running.

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