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Re: Problems: mutt to Outlook (Express)

"Cam Ellison" <camellison@dccnet.com> writes:
> I guess alittle more information is in order.  Some of this is
> repeated elsewhere in this thread.  I have a cable hookup, and am
> using exim (3.35) as my MTA.  Messages I send from mutt go to just
> about everyone, but there are at least three exceptions, all using
> an ISP other than my own.
> Case 1:  Correspondent uses Outlook Express 5.00.2615.200 on a
> dialup connection to a telco.
> Case 2:  Correspondent uses the same version on a dialup connection
> to an independent ISP.
> Case 3:  Correspondent uses Outlook 2000 (9.0.2416) and has DSL
> (same telco as above).
> Case 4:  Correspondent uses OE for the Mac (5.02.2022), receives the
> mail via a 24/7 link to a mail company.  This one always works.
> The mail for the first three never arrives.  I do not know whether
> it is left on the server, or goes to /dev/null.  A number of
> possibilities suggest themselves, but the most likely to my mind is
> that Outlook thinks it is malformed and assigns a 5xx code, thus
> killing it.
> Very strange, and it does nothing to endear me to M$.

Personally I don't think the trouble is on your end. You'll more than
likely have to bring their ISPs into this to solve the problem. One
other thing they can try is to use Netscape mail and see if they can
access the mail.

And, *please*, for the love of God and country, can you wrap your
lines at 70 characters or so?!


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