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Re: making dos partitions: help

On  0, Dan <dan@club-enter.com.ru> wrote:
> Hello! I need to create a simple bootable fat32 partition.
> Partitioning, making it active, writing correct MBR isn't a real problem.
> Formatting that partition is trivial as well- mkdosfs -F32 device, but then 
> the REAL problem begins. Is there a simple way to transfer usual msdos 
> bootloader + system files without messing with BPB/FAT? I've tinkered with 
> mkdosfs, replacing its dummy bootloader with msdos one. It does start, but 
> still refuses to boot io.sys, due to io-errors (yes, I've placed io.sys + 
> msdos.sys correctly and double-checked the FAT). 
> What's the solution? Of course, using dosemu + dexe to run "sys source: 
> target:" still works, but I'd like to do that using native linux tools.
> Another way is to create a small bootable partition and use dd to read/write 
> image, but this way will work for this particular case only, cause some 
> specific info is still located in BPB/FAT table. :(

I have a favourite way and a not-favourite way.  The favourite way
goes like this:

Use linux fdisk to create the partition space but not the partition.
Use a DOS boot disk to do the rest.

The not-favourite way goes like this:

do everything you've been doing, up to using mkdosfs to create the fs,
then use dd to copy an MBR (and sector 0 boot sector?) to the

Should do the trick...

Tom Cook
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