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Evolution quits while recieving mail

I have several thousand messages awaiting me on my POP server.

A couple times now, when attempting to receive them with Evolution 1.0.2-1, it receives some mail but then I get the message:

"The Evolution component that handles folders of type "mail" has unexpectedly quit. You will need to quit Evolution and restart in order to access that data again."

I am using a Debian unstable PowerPC system on a Macintosh 8500 with a PowerLogix G4 CPU upgrade.

My existing mail folders have tens of thousands of messages (thanks to mailing lists). I do have plenty of disk space left.

I think there is a later Evolution version available, but there doesn't seem to be a debian package for PowerPC later than 1.0.2-1. Is there a later PowerPC debian package I can obtain somewhere?


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