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Re: Is there any tool like purify(memory leak check tool) for LI

Paul Smith said:
> %% "Sean 'Shaleh' Perry" <shalehperry@attbi.com> writes:
>  sp> none of them are as cool and featureful as purify.  Of all of the
>  sp> tools I have used, I miss that one most.  Unfortunately apps like
>  sp> that are decidedly hard to write and the commercial ones are sp>
>  REALLY expensive for most home hackers.
> We'd buy it at work in a heartbeat if it were available on Linux:
> Purify _is_ cool.  But, it's not available on Linux and I've not heard
> Rational provide any details on whether it ever will be :(.

Parasoft's Insure++ is a Purify competetor and runs on Linux. It's not
cheap, but neither is Purify. We may well switch because we've become fed
up with Rational's dwindling interest in supporting UNIX platforms as well
as they used to. Also, we're using Linux in the company now and need a
product that runs on LInux.


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