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Re: courier-imap and windows mail client

begin  Jamin W. Collins quotation:
> And for those of you that may claim Linux is too difficult to understand
> for most users.  My mother made the switch a while back.  She's in her
> 50's and happily running Debian.

My experience is the same.

And, if they're using Linux, you don't have to have them do a bunch of
commands to diagnose a problem that they call you about; you just have
them do one command, and read off their IP address, then you ssh in and
fix it.

However, I'm not suggesting that guy replace his family member's OS; I'm
merely suggesting that giving a new user Outlook Express is 99% the same
as just going ahead and installing the Klez virus for him.  Save him the
time and trouble, just go ahead and erase his files now, instead of
getting him hooked on Outlook Express crack.

Give your family members a fighting chance at not getting infected with
the virus-of-the-week.  Install Netscape and Mozilla, and strongly
suggest they only use Netscape when Mozilla won't work with a particular
web site.

Install a better email program, and spend a few minutes teaching them
how to use it.  That's all it takes.

My wife had to call me the other day because she couldn't figure out how
to change to a directory on a different drive than C: on the Windows box
she works on 8 hours a day.  But she logs onto a Linux workstation at
home every day, surfs the web with Mozilla, switches to Netscape when
she wants to pay credit-card bills and such, and used Mutt for her mail
for six months before she decided to switch to Netscape Mail.  It took
me five minutes of teaching her Mutt (and writing down the most common
menu keys for her) before she was fine with it.  Ditto for Netscape
Mail, except without the writing down part.

The few minutes of effort you spend teaching a family member to use,
say, Agent or Pegasus or Eudora or Netscape Mail will be repaid a
thousandfold in time you don't spend explaining why their files were
deleted or their system is sending out tons of spam and they're getting
hundreds of hate mails.  Even if they stay on Windows, you're doing them
and the entire Internet a favor.

Besides, Outlook Express doesn't even follow the MIME standard, despite
putting MIME headers in mails, so it's not even an Internet email
program; it's an internal office email program with limited
Internet-like functionality that, unfortunately, has some ability to
inject mail into the Internet.  IMNERHO.  (And yes, I'm aware RFC-822 is
a standard, and RFC-1521 isn't.)

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