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Re: courier-imap and windows mail client

dman <dman@dman.ddts.net> writes:

> I just install courier-imap on my system to let my dad receive mail on
> it.  The documentation is exceedingly sparse.  I couldn't even find
> any mention of where it expects the folders to be.  I managed to work
> out that I need a symlink from ~/Maildir to /var/mail/$USER.

Yeah, Debian-specific documentation for courier is non-existent.  I
despise when developers don't include a README that explains the default
Debian configuration for a package.

That said, there is a courier-doc package that mirrors the documentation
from the website.

> Is there any way I can change it to use /var/mail/$USER for the INBOX
> and normally-named directories under ~/Mail for subfolders?  I found
> that if I create a subfolder named "foo" it will be stored in
> ~/Maildir/.foo.

AFAIK, the courier mail servers need to have all of the mail in a single
directory.  It then follows the naming scheme "INBOX" at the top level
(~/Maildir on the local file system), with folders named "INBOX.foo"
(~/Maildir/.foo locally), and sub-folders within those named
"INBOX.foo.bar" (~/Maildir/.foo.bar locally).

uw-imapd will do what you're asking, but it's a shitty mail server.

> I also need recommendations for a win32 mail client that can handle
> IMAP and preferrably gpg/pgp.  I've heard good reports in the past
> about Pegasus, but how is it for gpg?  Here's the list of win32 MUAs
> I'm familiar with :
>    Lookout/Lookout Express  (never!)
>    Lotus Notes              (not a chance!)
>    Netscape Messenger       (works but not the greatest, slow and bloated)
>    Eudora                   (is it ok?)
>    Pegasus Mail             (supposedly good, never tried it)
>    The Bat!                 (don't know much)
>    mutt                     (yeah! ;-), but not for my dad)
>    gnus                     (? if emacs runs ..., not going to happen either)

I haven't used Pegasus since ~1995, and I don't think it's changed much
since then, meaning it still looks and acts like a Win3.1 program (ugly,
dumb MDI interface).

Mozilla's mail client may be ok, but its development lags behind the
browser and tends to be buggy.

The win32 emacs port works well, as does gnus (you'll need oort gnus for
gpg), if he doesn't mind learning emacs.

All other windows mail clients suck horribly.  The Unix world has a huge
advantage in this area.  Your dad would probably be best off using kde 3
and kmail for something similar but superior to windows.

Brian Nelson <nelson@bignachos.com>

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