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logrotate and wtmp confusion...

I've got two questions (that may be related):

 1) Why are is my wtmp file so huge?  I've got a Woody system
    that I installed about two weeks ago.  I log into it a few
    times a day, and the wtmp file is up to over 13MB in 16

    On the RH7.2 system on which I do most of my work, the wtmp
    file never gets past 250K for a whole month.

 2) On the RH system, the logrotate config files for most
    things (except wtmp) are in /etc/logrotate.d which is
    included by /etc/logrotate.conf.

    On my Woody system, there's nothing in /etc/logrotate.d
    except the file for the base-config.  Yet, looking at
    /var/log shows that syslog, messages, daemon.log user.log,
    and other stuff are clearly being rotated.

    Since /etc/logrotate.conf only rotates wtmp and btmp, and
    /etc/logrotate.d doesn't control anything except
    installer.* files, where is logrotate getting instructions
    from for rotating the other files?

Grant Edwards

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