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Re: logrotate and wtmp confusion...

On Fri, Apr 26, 2002 at 02:55:55PM -0500, Grant Edwards wrote:

>  1) Why are is my wtmp file so huge?  I've got a Woody system
>     that I installed about two weeks ago.  I log into it a few
>     times a day, and the wtmp file is up to over 13MB in 16
>     days.
>     On the RH7.2 system on which I do most of my work, the wtmp
>     file never gets past 250K for a whole month.

More details:  On the RH system, the wtmp file grows by 384
bytes each time there's a log in or log out event.  And that is
the only time wtmp grows.  Assuming 384 is sizeov (struct
utmp), that's what I expect.

On the Woody system, it also grows 384 bytes for each log in or
log out.  This I can probably live with.  But, it also grows by
768 bytes once every minute even when there is no log in or log
out activity.  This eventually sucks up large amounts of disk
space that I can't spare.

I'd like to have a log of log in/out events, but the extra 768
bytes per minute of "whatever" is something I can't afford.

Is cron writing two events to wtmp every time it wakes?

Running "who" on wtmp doesn't show anything other than the
normal log in/out events.

Grant Edwards

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