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Re: gpg keyservers

On  0, dman <dman@dman.ddts.net> wrote:
> What keysevers do people recommend using?  I've got the two mentioned
> in the readme in my config (keyring.debian.org and wwwkeys.pgp.net)
> and so far (one day!) that has sufficed.  Do people recommend using
> any other servers?

I use www.keyserver.org - hadn't heard of the ones you mentioned (not
saying much, though).

> Also, what is the best way to publish my (brand new!) public key?

See my sig.  But you've already picked up on that.

> PS.  Everyone should use gpg!  It is _really_ easy and provides the
>      perfect way to stop spam -- only allow properly signed messages
>      to be delivered :-).

How does it stop spam?  You need *everybody* (including technophobes
you know (like grandparents)) to sign all their messages.  Once
signing reaches that sort of critical mass, the spammers will take
note and start signing their messages.

*Anybody* can generate a public key...

Tom Cook
Information Technology Services, The University of Adelaide

"That you're not paranoid does not mean they're not out to get you."
	- Robert Waldner

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