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Re: plog messages tell me what does it mean

Well can you tell me how to use wvdial ? i mean how to make a new connection in wvdial .. or edit the connection  ..

it seems that wvdial cannot find my modem as it said when i install wvdial .. but my modem is there on com port 2

as pppconfig did pick it up in its default connection file "providers"


thanks for the reply


  ben <benfoley@rcn.com> wrote:

On Thursday 25 April 2002 08:22 pm, faisal gillani wrote:
> as i told earlier that i cannot dial using pppconfig i
> i type pon & nothing happens ....
> here is what is present in the plog
> server pppd [255] : Terminating on signal 15
> server pppd [255] : Connect Script failed
> server pppd [255] : Exit
> can you tell me what does this mean ?

it's looks like your connect script isn't configured correctly to connect to
your isp. try using wvdial from a console to make the connection. you'll have
to configure wvdial.conf with the details of user, pass, and the number
you're dialling. that will output more information that might help better to
indicate what the problem is.


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