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Re: Fonts in GNOME badly broken!

    "Shyamal" == Shyamal Prasad <shyamal.prasad@sbcglobal.net> writes:

    "Aaron" == Aaron Traas <adt6247@njit.edu> writes:

    Aaron> To make a long story short, GNOME does not function
    Aaron> properly. I'm a KDE user myself, and haven't tried GNOME in
    Aaron> over a year before today, and thus do not know how to set
    Aaron> it up properly. He's running Woody, XFree86 4, and 2.4.18
    Aaron> kernel.

    Shyamal> Well, I did not have a GNOME problem until yesterday,
    Shyamal> when I dist-upgraded after about 4 weeks. Now my fonts
    Shyamal> all look really cruddy. Basically, all I seem to have are
    Shyamal> some basic fonts like Courier in the menus, and in
    Shyamal> applications like XEmacs.

Uhh...I found my problem, and might have had to do with the luser. It
seems that when xserver-xfree86 was reconfigured I may have chosen to
not "write a default Files section." I don't remember doing this, but
reconfiguring fixed it.


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