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Re: Updating woody-isolinux.iso using rsync?

On Sun, Apr 21, 2002 at 02:19:26PM +0100, Brian Greenfield wrote:
> Hi
> I used wget to grab Rapha?l Hertzog's woody iso last weekend
> and was going to try it out today, but I see he's released a
> new version.
> I've tried to update it using rsync -- I'm an rsync
> virgin:), but everything I've tried has failed. These are
> the commands I've tried:
> |rsync people.debian.org:~hertzog/debian-cd/woody-isolinux.iso 
> |rsync people.debian.org:/~hertzog/debian-cd/woody-isolinux.iso 
> |rsync people.debian.org::~hertzog/debian-cd/woody-isolinux.iso 
> |rsync rsync://people.debian.org:~hertzog/debian-cd/woody-isolinux.iso 
> Is it possible to get the update with rsync? 
> Are any of the above commands correct?
> Anyone got a mirror available? 

I don't know of Raphael's web server, but you do know that rsync needs to
be installed on both machines.


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