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Re: Woody not ready, methinks: floppies

I don't know; one keeps hearing floppies disparaged. However, i did several
installs using root, rescue, base, and driver floppies because I was using
speakup-enabled disks and didn't have a cd burner. I never ever had one single
problem doing this (this was with potato). Yes, floppies can fail, but I don't
think they are as notoriously terrible as some people seem to think. I've had
floppies that held their data for years and years; I've had a few that failed of
course, but proportionately it hasn't been bad.
Sometimes, floppy drives need cleaning. I usually make two floppies of any
program or installation type, and if one fails I immeediately make a new one
from the original not copying from the other floppy. If somebody has constant
problems with floppies failing, I'd start checking my floppy drive, the type of
floppies you are buying, or the program itself.
You also need to take good care of your floppies; keep them in a closed clean
container and don't handle them needlessly.
Sorry, but I don't think floppies deserve the bad rap some people want to give
them; they've gotten me out of many a tight situation.

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