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Re: xconsole won't allow input!?!

On 18-Apr-2002 Michael Kahle wrote:
> I have been using Debian Woody now for about 2 months.  This is installed
> on an old P5 166 w/ 64 mb of ram.
> I made the decision today to install XFree86 with afterstep for a lightweight
> window manager.  I managed to get everything working fine, but when I
> launch XConsole it won't let me put any input into the xconsole window.
>  When I'm root I get a blank window and when selected I try and type
> and just get beeps every time a key is pressed.  When I am logged in
> as my user account, I still get the beeps but the window says, "Couldn't
> Open Console".  Any ideas?

xconsole is not an input program it is meant for output.  It reads logs or
other input files and displays them.

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