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Re: xconsole won't allow input!?!

On  0, Michael Kahle <geopoliticus@onebox.com> wrote:
> I have been using Debian Woody now for about 2 months.  This is installed
> on an old P5 166 w/ 64 mb of ram.
> I made the decision today to install XFree86 with afterstep for a lightweight
> window manager.  I managed to get everything working fine, but when I
> launch XConsole it won't let me put any input into the xconsole window.
>  When I'm root I get a blank window and when selected I try and type
> and just get beeps every time a key is pressed.  When I am logged in
> as my user account, I still get the beeps but the window says, "Couldn't
> Open Console".  Any ideas?

Well, 'man xconsole' says that xconsole is there to monitor messages
which would usually go to /dev/console.  Why are you trying to type
input into it then?

It also says that the option -exitOnFail means that it will die
immediately if it couldn't open the console - is this inability to
open the console what the message, 'Couldn't open console' is also
referring to?  If so, then I would say that it can't open the console,
probably because only root has the privileges to do so on your system.

What are you trying to use xconsole for?  Why do you need it?  If you
want a terminal then you are looking for xterm, or rxvt, or
gnome-terminal, or konsole, or eterm, or rxvt-xterm, or wterm, or any
of a host of others.

Tom Cook
Information Technology Services, The University of Adelaide

"That you're not paranoid does not mean they're not out to get you."
	- Robert Waldner

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