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Re: sneakernet apt

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On Tuesday 16 April 2002 15:38, Satelle, StevenX wrote:
> I'm running 2 separate machines which have no connection between each
> other. One (mach-1) has an always on high speed web connection. The other
> (mach-2) doesn't. Both running Debian-2.2r5. installed from CD. I want to
> download updates on mach-1 and get a copy of /var/cache/apt onto mach-2
> (via a win2k laptop) . I've being doing this but the only way to install
> stuff is via dpkg -i. Very slow especially when doing updates such as
> installing ximian. I've looked at things like apt-move but that doesn't
> seem to do what I want. I would like to be able to turn /var/cache/apt into
> a proper deb source - /Debian/dists/main with an auto generated packages.gz
> Does anyone know if this is possible?

What about apt-zip ? --> man apt-zip
It's not exactly what you wanted, but solves the problem :-)

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