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Re: Wrong sender address!

On Sat, Apr 13, 2002 at 09:35:07AM -0500, dman wrote:
> | >From: Andreas Grabner <grabner@grabner-it.at>
> | OK, this shows as From: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
And this is what i want my perfered Address
> That is because the From: header doesn't match the user passing the
> message to exim.  Is your (Andreas') machine is named "film" and your
> username is "andi"?  exim added the Sender: header indicating that
> "andi@film" is who really gave it the message, just in case you were
> forging the From: header and the original needed to be traced.
> I see that header as 'Sender: Andreas Grabner <andi@film>'
> However, 'film' is not a FQDN so some MTAs are filling in the rest,
> but of course they can only fill in their own domain.  (hence the
> "rcsntx.swbell.net" Gary saw and the "debian.org" Andreas saw)
> IOW, this is normal operation.  I do believe there is a way to turn
> off that annotation, but I don't recall how right now.  Actually, I
> just tested it by specifying a different From: header while sending to
> a different mailbox I have, and exim added the Sender: header.  It's
> only a problem if you wish to really hide your local user and host
> and "real" names.
> HTH,
> -D
After reading in my Exim book (page 1 to 10) i know where a lot of my
mails go they are bounced to "andi@film" which does not exist in
Internet (i hope). So my problem is still how to get the right Envelope
Sender which would be something like "grabne26@utanet.at" where utanet
is my dialin provider.
Now you know the most of my personal email-accounts so i would like to
do a complete "strip".
grabner-it.at is my own domain hostet at ISP "inode" where my mailboxes
are. There i have an SMTP.grabner-it.at which i can't use because they
do not relay my own mails (maybe because dialed in at UTA)
I think UTA "sometimes" !!!?? <thats strange dont like my mails but I
don't get a bounce!
Yes i want to use EXIM! (only for the case you ask for the sense)

So how to configure exim to do the right Sender?

BTW An other question.
Can somebody please tell me a tool to sync mbox-files between two

Thanks for each tipp.

Andreas Grabner

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