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Re: Broken swap on potato, running 2.2.19 build

On Fri, Apr 12, 2002 at 12:44:30AM +0100, Chris Murton wrote:
> Hmm..
> Swap is something i very rarely touch. I give it a partition, and it works
> mostly. Hence why i'm getting stuck with swap that doesn't work itself.
> dmesg on boot reports Swap space is added. Lovely.. get into the machine,
> play about for a while, run 'top' and ..
> Mem:   79300K av,  50836K used,  28464K free,  28656K shrd,  22980K buff
> Swap: 127004K av,      0K used, 127004K free                 12532K cached
> I realise that it'll use memory in preference, because it's quicker, but as
> I understand it, swap should take over once the memory has reached a certain
> amount of use. The box *has* run to 2mb free on memory, with no swap in use.
> No amount of mkswap, swapoff and swapon will persuade it to work either.
> Pleasepleaseplease, suggestions!

I'm sorry ... I don't see the problem.  According to this data, the
box is reporting ~28MiB free.  No need to swap yet ... swap will occur
when more free pages are needed or when a page has been unused for a
long time (such as a seldom used daemon).

Could you provide details as to why you think this is broken?  Does
the box in fact swap in the same conditions if running a different
kernel?  Why do you say "[the] box *has* run to 2mb free on memory" ?

Finally, /proc/meminfo and /proc/stat may help you determine what the
system is doing.


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