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Re: Linksys Wireless WDT11 w/ Woody

On Sun, Apr 07, 2002 at 08:29:35AM -0500, Mike Madden wrote:
>Thanks for the info.  I couldn't find Linux drivers
>on the Linksys page.  However, it looks like it will
>work.  It's just a matter of some research and
>adcarlson@aei.net wrote:

There are currently 2 sets of drivers that work with the Prism2 cards,
the hermes drivers that come with the 2.4 kernel, and the wlan-ng
drivers. The wlan-ng drivers are the better of the 2, and are
available from linux-wlan.org. These are the linux drivers that most
companies will suggest, ie. if you go to the SMC website, these are
the linux drivers they offer. I have found that most of the prism2
cards are about equal. They all need windows to do a firmware upgrade.
They key is to find a friend with a windows laptop ;-)

I think the best cards out there are the cisco aironet cards. They
actually monitor on all 12 channels, so if you bring the card into
monitor mode, you can grab frames from all channels at the same time.


>> Although I don't own these products I had them under serious consideration to
>> buy and may still buy them.  Any research that I've done on their use on Linux
>> indicates that their support is fair to excellent, and probably even so under a
>> 2.2 kernel.
>> I would recommend doing a bit of research on Linux and wireless first.  A few
>> quick links will take you to sites based on the subject.  And if memory serves
>> me correct, Linksys may even have Linux drivers on their site.
>> BTW, I have tried that Linksys Router you mention, and it does work very well
>> (browser-based config).
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Peter Hicks

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