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Re: Linksys Wireless WDT11 w/ Woody

Thanks for the info.  I couldn't find Linux drivers
on the Linksys page.  However, it looks like it will
work.  It's just a matter of some research and



adcarlson@aei.net wrote:
> Although I don't own these products I had them under serious consideration to
> buy and may still buy them.  Any research that I've done on their use on Linux
> indicates that their support is fair to excellent, and probably even so under a
> 2.2 kernel.
> I would recommend doing a bit of research on Linux and wireless first.  A few
> quick links will take you to sites based on the subject.  And if memory serves
> me correct, Linksys may even have Linux drivers on their site.
> BTW, I have tried that Linksys Router you mention, and it does work very well
> (browser-based config).

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