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make-dpkg: flavors and external modules


I've build a very minimal 2.4.17 with not many modules (about 6 total!).  I
like building in what I need.  My old, backup (as far as lilo is concerned)
is kernel is 2.2.20

I want to build another 2.4.17 but end up with three kernels.

1) To be able to have more than one 2.4.17 modules tree I assume I need
"flavors" or really --append-to-version.  Is this correct, and if so can
someone show me what would be a typical parameter used with
--append-to-version?  Anything I like?

Something like:

      --append-to-version modular

and then would I end up with /lib/modules/2.4.17-modular?

2) When installing the package, is there a way to say, just add this to the
current list of kernels, but don't rotate the current kernel to .old?

3) what I don't understand is how I can boot different kernels, yet have
one /etc/modules and /etc/modules.con setup.  Can someone explain?

4) I'm using the nvida video driver.  I'm sure this is the Wrong Way, but
currently after I create a new kernel I manually copy this driver into my
/lib/modules/*/kernel/video directory.  Is there a trick to managing this
automatically so I don't have to do this manual copy?

5) I also worry about building a modularized kernel that won't boot since
modules are not loaded early enough.  Maybe I'm making that up, but is that
possible, and if so, what do I need to know to prevent or solve that?

6) What is the System.map file used for?  e.g. /boot/System.map-2.4.17

Thanks very much,

Bill Moseley

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