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Re: Re[2]: copy protected audio cds with linux ?

begin  Sean  quotation:

> I can't believe the lossy compression argument _never_ came up during
> the whole Napster debaucle. The other side kept talking about how
> downloading the songs was no different than listening to them off the
> CD. That couldn't be more wrong. Either the Napster lawyers really
> sucked ass, or there were other agendas at work.

Well, if you have a vested interest in MP3, you don't really want to
admit that 128 kb/sec MP3 is inferior quality, since MP3 promoters have
been saying all along that it's CD quality (despite the fact that it
obviously isn't).

The latest Ogg Vorbis release (RC3) sounds incredibly good at quality
settings averaging 160-192 kb/sec -- far better than MP3 at anything
less than 256 kb/sec.


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