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Re: misconfigured mailout lists.debian.org

also sprach Juhan Kundla <juhan.kundla@mail.ee> [2002.03.25.0951 +0100]:
> I have the similar errors in my syslog too. I am using postfix also.
> They seem to have weird PTR records, that is why postfix rejects those
> mails. Is it my problem or theirs? It seems like i am losing
> important mail because of this.

right now, it's their misconfiguration, but it appears to be fixed by
now. however, if you choose to reject mail from unknown clients, then
you might loose important mail. it's your decision, it's not always
the best thing i find, but it surely kills a lot of spam.

this is the setting btw: reject_unknown_client

> smtpd_client_restrictions = reject_unknown_client, reject_maps_rbl
> smtpd_recipient_restrictions = reject_unknown_client, permit_mynetworks,
> reject_maps_rbl, check_relay_domains

and in the above, you should really have reject_unknown_client and
reject_maps_rbl come after check_relay_domains, and you should
consider using reject_unauth_destination instead of

consult the postfix.org help pages!

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