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Re: Linux & DSL

On Fri, Mar 22, 2002 at 08:50:21AM -0500, Bodnyk, Bruce W wrote:
> I finally got my DSL line at home and want to configure potato as a router
> for my home network. Reading the "DSL Howto for Linux" document it appears
> that I need to a PPPoE client as my DSL provider "Verizon" uses pppoe. I
> have a couple of questions though that hopefully someone can answer.
> 1. Which is the best vs. easiest client to use? I'm still rather new at
> Linux and not sure I want to tackle rebuilding the kernel just yet.
> 2. Do I need my ISPs DNS IP addresses for pppoe? I called the support number
> last night and they told me they didn't have that information to give me.

Hi Bruce,
My son put together a similar setup to use Verizon DSL at my house in
Baltimore MD. pppoe worked well. Regarding Verizon's DNS IPs, in
Baltimore I use:

To get the setup to work properly, I recall we had to add "ifconfig
eth0 mtu 1492" in start and restart sections of /etc/init.d/networking
and add "mtu 1492" and "mru 2400" in /etc/ppp/peers/dsl-provider.

Also, if you have Verizon's typical home DSL, you will get a dynamic IP
when you log in. I've found that about 50 percent of the addresses I've
gotten from Verizon's dynamic IP pool are RBL listed at
relays.osirusoft.com. (In fact, blackholes.five-ten-sg.com appears to 
blacklists every Verizon dialup; just ignore this one.) If you get a 
tainted IP, anyone using spamassassin or another spam filter will flag 
your emails as spam. Whenever you get a new IP, you may want to use 
rbcheck at http://relays.osirusoft.com/ to see if it is listed.

I hope this helps.

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