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Re: Re: High powered Debian advocacy?

>I don't understand your problem.  Are you out of disc space, or did you
>just mis-apportion your partitions?  Either way the problem is not that
>packagers set up their apps to reside in /usr.  The problem is that you
>need to re-partition or get another disc.

Inflexibility in the face of limited resources (even if you have 600 gigs
on your hard drive it is still limited).

>The Filesystem Hierarchy Standards (FHS) http://www.pathname.com/fhs/ do
>just what you want.  By standardizing file locations, you are much
>better able to control your applications.  Would you insist on putting
>your conf/init files just anywhere?  

That is not what I am asking to be able to do.  I do want to be able to
say where Netscape or Siag Office are installed.  Not the same thing.

>Or does putting them in /etc, where
>every programmer knows the path, make sense?  Not enough room on your
>/var partition?  Put your log or mail files just god knows where, right?
>Of course you'll need to hack some source (and compile it yourself) to
>indicate where to send mail and log info.  No biggie, make all
>programmers include the option in their conf files.  Oops, where the
>hell is that file parked?

Important files need to be where they can be found by file users.  Other 
files need only to find themselves.

>Take a look at the standards.  I think you'll see that the end result is
>to make your life easier where the file system is concerned.

As a programmer myself, I can say that I think that we sometimes 
tend to want to make our own lives easier at the expense of the user.
Which in the end includes ourselves.  False economy.


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