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Packages providing a daemon/service and configuration

Most (all?) packages providing a daemon or other service will start
it when installed, without asking the user first. Is there a reason?
I often want to have such services ready for use (with documentation
and configuration files), but not started immediately, i.e. not
running by default.

One example is that I chose the dial-up packages when installing
Debian for the first time (I *sometimes* use PPP). The problem is
that it automatically tried to start ISDN (though I don't use that)
the next time I rebooted and my Ethernet connection was lost!

Another example is the telnet daemon, which was started automatically
though I don't want to run it permanently (I want to choose, depending
on the netenv configuration).

A third example (again after the first-time installation): I had
to choose between gdm and kdm, without being able to choose none
of them. As X wasn't configured yet, I couldn't do anything and
had to boot in single user to remove these packages.

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