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Re: cdda2wav or cdparanoia ?

On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 06:27:20PM -0500, William T Wilson wrote:
> I can't think of a reason why you *wouldn't* want to use cdparanoia.
> I have even been able to extract good (not perfect but good) audio
> from CD's that my regular CD-player wouldn't play.

Similar story here: my roommate had a CD that skipped and stuttered
pretty badly on a few tracks (the cd had some awful scratches).  I
made a copy of the cd for him using cdparanoia.  The copy wasn't
perfect, but there were no skips or stutters, only a few subtle
"static"-like sounds in places where the original cd was most damaged.

As someone already said, the only real downside to cdparanoia is that
it takes longer due to the analysis it performs on data.  If you have
a fast machine, you probably won't notice too much.

Good luck,

Matt Garman, matt@raw-sewage.net
``I ain't never seen no whiskey, the blues made my sloppy drunk!''
        -- Sleepy John Estes, ``Leaving Trunk''

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