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Re: Window Manager Probs *sigh*

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, SJ wrote:

> I'm really not sure what I did wrong, but...
> After doing an apparently clean install of debian linux on a
> new system, Gnome does not come up Window Maker does.  I
> know we installed Gnome but it's not even in the list of
> Window Managers to switch to (actually only Window Maker is
> listed there).  Any idea what I may have done wrong, or not
> done, in setting up the system?  I would really like to get
> this monster working.  I have a db development project I
> should be working on and I can't do that until I get the
> system up.
> I sincerly hope this is making some sense, if not blame the
> time. *sigh*
i had the exact same thing after installing potato..2.2r5.

i broke out by: apt-get install enlightenment.  then i had a usable system 
which i almost immediately upgraded to "testing" (woody) and got all the 
ximian stuff with the upgrade... worlds of difference.


Dave Mallery, K5EN  (r/h 7.2 krud; debian woody+ximian)
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