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Window Manager Probs *sigh*

I'm really not sure what I did wrong, but...

After doing an apparently clean install of debian linux on a
new system, Gnome does not come up Window Maker does.  I
know we installed Gnome but it's not even in the list of
Window Managers to switch to (actually only Window Maker is
listed there).  Any idea what I may have done wrong, or not
done, in setting up the system?  I would really like to get
this monster working.  I have a db development project I
should be working on and I can't do that until I get the
system up.

I sincerly hope this is making some sense, if not blame the
time. *sigh*


	SJ Straith

May the Lords of Luck and Chance be always at your 
side, and may your hand always be a winner.

** There is always more than one way to do a job.         **
** The object is to pick the most effective way to do it. **
** You can have Freedom or Peace,                         **
**  Don't EVER count on having both.                      **

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