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Re: Desperately trying to understand dselect (seeming inconsistency)

begin  Michael Marziani  quotation:

> I finally took the dselect plunge.  Aptitude is far easier, but I heard
> dselect can be more effective once it's mastered.

dselect has a rather odd UI, but it's a very effective tool, with just
one little exception...

> ... but when I try to un-select
> something that recommends another package, it won't let me unless I
> remove the other package, which in some cases is something I already
> have installed.

... and that exception is that it has a bug that causes it to treat
"recommends" as "depends". Once you've got your system in a state that
dselect is happy with, you won't run into this often, but it is annoying
when you do. There isn't really a good workaround, although you can use
the equivs package to make dummy versions of packages, which you can
then install to get dselect to shut up about them.


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