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Re: Upgrade to kernel 2.4.* on woody - easy?

 --- Martin Edward John Waller
<martin.waller@flomerics.co.uk> wrote: > Hello,
> I want to upgarde to a 2.4.* kernel on my woody
> system.
> Is this is a startightforward re-compile with
> relevant kernel source or are there things I need
> to watch out for?
Short Answer is yes it is easy.

Things to watch our for are.

1.  Use the Debian Kernel package tools. You won't
need to do much reading up I just used the info from
the Debian FAQ.

2.  Learn about Kernel Modules.  You will need to know
what they are, what they do and which ones you need. 
You may need to do some reading on this.  With out
this information you will not be able to compile a
kernel that will run all your hardware

3.  Learn how your bootloader works.  When you compile
a new kernel you will need to modify your bootloader. 
The Debian Kernel tools will produce a .deb package
that will modify Lilo for you but you will need to
make sure you can still boot into your old kernel if
the new one fails.  Also if you use Grub you are going
to have to set it up yourself, installing the kernel
package will not modify Grub.  Also make sure you have
a boot floppy for a worst case senario where neither
new nor old kernel will boot. (this is rare though)

4.  Don't worry if it does not work the first time. 
It is very easy to miss a module or 2, that you need,
when you compile your first kernel.  If this happens
just do it again.  (Just between you an me, it took me
3 goes to get all my hardware working.) 

5.  This is worth the effort.  When you are done you
will find you have a computer the boots twice as fast
as it did with the installed kernel and also runs
twice as fast.

Good Luck Geoff

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