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Re: kernel config file (was Re: Upgrade to kernel 2.4.* on woody - easy?)

> Am Mittwoch, 20. März 2002 16:54 schrieb Tony Crawford:
> >
> > It was pretty painless for me. I started with the kernel-
> > image_2.4.17-bf... package, which is intended to run on most
> > equipment, then I started with its config file when I needed a
> > custom 2.4.x kernel.
> Could you tell me where I find the config file for the kernel-image? I also 
> want to compile my own custom kernel for debugging proposes, but don't want 
> to configure it totally myself.
> Thanks,

For an installed kernel-image you can find the config file in /boot. 
For a non  installed (only downloaded) kernel-image package, the 
easiest way might be to unpack it in a temporary place and look for the 
boot sub directory.
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