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Re: Need some sound advice - SB Live!

On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 07:56:16AM -0800, Bill Moseley wrote:

> Oh, ok, so that's "soundcore".  But is that a problem -- will startup
> scripts expect soundcore to be a module?

I dont think it'll be a problem. I have a module so i wouldnt really know
though. I dont think I have any audio related startup scripts, just emu10k1
and ac97_codec in /etc/modules

> I got xmms to work, finally.  I had added moseley to the "audio" group, but
> I didn't run "groups" to see that the system knew that fact!  After
> rebooting this morning it started to work.  I'd like to know why rebooting
> was needed.  I had done 
>    # adduser moseley audio

After adding yourself to a new group you need to log off and back on again so 
that your session inherits the new group settings. If you didnt log off before
you would have seen no change.

> Ok, so xmms runs but complains that libmikmod.so.2 is missing.  Need to
> look into that.

Thats in the libmikmod2 package.

> It's using it's own OSS output driver it would seem.
>    /usr/lib/xmms/Output/libOSS.so
> So, can someone explain if and why I might need something like OSS or ALSA
> installed?

You have OSS, thats one style of kernel audo driver. ALSA is the other but
you need to patch your kernel to get those drivers.

> 1) Do I need ALSA?


> 2) If so why?

Well ALSA is quite a bit fancier then OSS, there might be something you can do
withALSA drivers that you cant with OSS but until you find something like that
I wouldnt worry about it.

> 3) What do I need to get it working?

the kernel patch from http://www.alsa-project.org/
> Thanks very much to everyone that responded!

No probs. 

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