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Re: Iptables keeps logging to console (eventhough of "dmesg -n 1")

On Mon, 2002-03-18 at 11:18, Karo Salminen wrote:
> Greetings,
> I (and one other fellow too) have suffered of the problem which is iptables' logging related.
> Iptables keeps logging to the local console eventhough I have typed "dmesg -n 1". Dmesg's manual says the following:
> "For example,  -n  1  prevents  all messages,  expect panic messages, from appearing on the console."
> However, they will also appear in the log files (and dmesg of course).
> I am using Linux 2.4.18 (and the other fellow uses 2.4.17) and Debian testing.
> I didn't do an official bug report, because I am not that sure if the bug is iptables related.
> Notice! I am not on the list so please also reply to me privately.

Read up on klogd.  These messages are from the kernel and can be
controlled by configuring the kernel log daemon.

Swiped from the manpage:

              For example, to have the kernel  display  all  mes­
              sages with a priority level of 3 (KERN_ERR) or more
              severe the following command would be executed:

                   klogd -c 4


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