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Iptables keeps logging to console (eventhough of "dmesg -n 1")


I (and one other fellow too) have suffered of the problem which is iptables' logging related.
Iptables keeps logging to the local console eventhough I have typed "dmesg -n 1". Dmesg's manual says the following:

"For example,  -n  1  prevents  all messages,  expect panic messages, from appearing on the console."

However, they will also appear in the log files (and dmesg of course).
I am using Linux 2.4.18 (and the other fellow uses 2.4.17) and Debian testing.

I didn't do an official bug report, because I am not that sure if the bug is iptables related.

Notice! I am not on the list so please also reply to me privately.

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