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Re: Copying Partition, Using Reiser.

on Sat, Mar 09, 2002, Timothy R. Butler (tbutler@uninetsolutions.com) wrote:
> > 1. Does your current kernel support Reiser?  If so, then you
> >    can put the destination disk in the current disk and copy.
>   Well in the computer that my system is currently installed, yes, I have 
> Reiser support. In the latter system however, I do not currently have an OS 
> installed, and the net_inst CD does not support Reiser.
> > 2. Is your whole install (including /boot, /var, etc. in _one_
> >     partition?  If so, then tar will work and not screw up links.
>   Yup, it's all one big partition.

Not generally recommended.  My own partitioning guidelines:


As for the reiserfs conversion:

  - Buy, bug, steal, or build a kernel with Reiserfs support.

  - Archive any existing data you wish to retain on the partition(s) you
    wish to convert to reiserfs.  I recommend tarring to an alternate
    partition, computer, or tape.

  - Repartition, if necessary.

  - Create the reiserfs filesystem.

  - Restore or copy data from archives or other source(s).

  - If you've modified your boot or root partition, update your
    bootloader (typically LILO or GRUB).

  - Update your /etc/fstab to reflect current reality (partitions, mount
    points, filesystems).

  - Restart.

I recommend using ext2fs or ext3fs for partitions smaller than ~150 MiB 
due to the overhead of the rieser journal data (about 32 MiB, fixed
size).  This would include your /, /boot, and often /tmp partitions,


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