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I've tried rebooting using gpm with the protocal imps2. Setting gpm to imps2 
makes it bounce around the consol. Is it possible that it's not a imps2 
mouse? It's got a wheel and it's plugged into the ps2 port!
-Greg Murphy

On Sunday 10 March 2002 00:06, Greg Norris wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 09, 2002 at 09:15:35PM -0600, Greg Murphy wrote:
> > I have tried changing ps/2 to imps/2, but that makes the mouse go crazy
> > on the screen.
> Did you reboot afterward?  I had this problem after switching gpm and X
> to use imps/2 instead of ps/2, but it's been working fine ever since
> the box was rebooted.  Something not being properly re-initialized, I
> expect...

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